Bottle gourd (Suraikai / Lauki) Dal

Sorakaya or surakkai pappu is a south indian dal recipe made using lauki also called as bottle gourd in english. Sorakaya or anapakaya is a telugu word for kaddu/lauki and this is a thick dal eaten along with rice.
Different dals are served in south indian meal platters and each dal tastes delicious and are best when served with chutneys, ghee and pickles.
This is a quick dal recipe where all the ingredients including the veggie that is sorakaya are put together and cooked well. These dal recipes are quick, healthy, nutritious and tasty too.


Moong dal  - 1 cup
Bottleguard  - 1 small
Oil - for seasoning
Musturd seed  - 1tsp
Urad dal  - 1tsp
Hing -pinch
Green chilli  - 2slit
Onion  -1
Tomoto -2
Chilli powder -2tsp
Coriander powder -1tsp
Curry leaves  -few
Grated cocunut -2 spoon
Salt  - for taste

1. Fry moong dal until raw smell going off.
2. Add cut bottle guard‚  and fried moong dal into the cooker and boil until three whistle.

3. Put oil in a pan.
4. Once oil get hot put mustard seeds and urad dal.
5. Once musturd seed starts splutter put hing and green chilli slits.
6. Once you feel the spice of green chilli put curry leaves.
7. Add onion and fry it.
8. Once onion get translucent add tomato and salt.

9. Once tomato boiled and get mussy add chilli powder and coriander powder and stir it.
10. Once raw smell of spices gone add the boiled moong dal and bottle gaurd in it and cook for 10 mins.

11. Make milk from the grated coconut and add into the curry and let it cook for another 2mins.

12. Now the tasty bottle guard dal is ready.

Note: if you want to make bottle guard kootu then add 1/2 cup of moong dal instead of 1 cup.

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