Top 10 tastiest Sea Fish to eat

Most doctors advise that seafood is better than non-vegetarian foods such as chicken, Mutton, and beef. Marine fish are high in protein, choline, and iodine. The reason we crave fish without knowing it has it all is because of its taste. Indian villagers consume an average of 269 grams of fish a month. Those in urban areas eat 238 grams of fish. Many of us confused or do not know to choose the right fish. Also, few people would not know how to identify the fish. If the fish shop guy tells any fish name, we blindly buy.  
For those people, I am listing here the top 10 marine fish names. The sequence is based on the taste, cost, and frequent availability in the market. We will go in descending order.

10. Gar Fish (Mural meen)

This is a slim blue-green fish. Not only the body color but also the bones of the garfish are slight green. Its spine and tail are identical. Both spikes are found on the back of the body near the tail. A long beak full of teeth can cause injury and sometimes death. There are many varieties of garfish available in the market. Many people are reluctant to eat it because of its green bone. But it is the best fish for humans to eat.

10. Ribbon Fish or Belt Fish (Vaalai Meen)

Ribbonfish also have the equivalent taste as Garfish. So, I would say this fish share the number 10 in the list. Ribbon fishes are a species of fish found in tropical seas around the world. It will be a little longer than other fishes. It is available on the South Indian coast. For example, it is more common in Kanyakumari areas. There are no scales in the fish. In contrast, a sticky, flour-like form is found throughout the body. This skin should be removed out before cooking. About 30% of the fish exported from India is ribbonfish. It tastes very well. But it is recommended to consume less of this fish as it has mercury content.

9. Emperor fish (Vilai Meen)

Widely pronounced as Vela meen, this type of fish is found regularly in many places in Tamil Nadu. These fish are similar in size to the tilapia and can range in size from as small as twenty fish per kilogram to a maximum of two to three kilograms per fish. These will grow on an even larger scale. Most of the items on sale here are available in the aforementioned weight range.

This fish will taste fantastic in the gravy as well as in the fry. Kids also love to eat this fish due to its taste.  There is no more complicated bone structure.

There are many types of emperor fish. Slightly grayish-white fish and pink fish are the most common. The pink fish has a slightly extra flavor when compared to the two. But whitefish are also tasty and are often the most popular.

Even redfish have a lot of varieties with minor differences. There is a type that has shoulder thickening. Although they are identifiable as Emporer fish, they vary in shape. That type is not so tasty.

Notice the markings on the fish in the picture below to identify the game fish.

There will be a long line in the middle of the fish (this line may be different for some fish, but the shape of the fish will be different)
The top has a scaly structure similar to that of a diamond shape. Similar to the circled area in the picture, there are random thickening lines for the scales. 

The fish, which sells for Rs 200 to Rs 300 per kg in Chennai, elsewhere for Rs 150 to Rs 200 per kg we can get. Emporer fish are slightly older fish but have a big difference in taste. It is difficult to identify new fish with what is seen as old fish. Buy only if the gill is visible in red.

Deep frying while frying the fish will add extra flavor. This flesh also deep-fried and adds extra taste. If it is not deep-fried, the taste will vary with a kind of raw smell like the inside is not cooked. Be careful not to add too much coconut to the gravy. It tastes good without coconut.

8. Barramundi (koduva)

Barramundi or Koduva fish is a tasty saltwater fish found in brackish and estuarine resources. It is more than 1.5 m. Can grow up to the length.

Body design

Large scales on the oblong body. At the tip of the head is the mouth. It is large, wide, and elongated. The tail is rounded. The surface of the body is gray to silver and the underparts are slightly pale. Teeth are found in the jaw and chin. A dorsal fin is seen on the back. It has 7 to 10 paddle spines. The rectal fin has three spines. The tail fin is found in many forms. 

Eating Habits 

This fish has a habit of eating prey and hunting shrimp, snails, and other fish. These are not bred on fish farms due to the killing habits of these fish. 

7. Trevely Fish (Parai meen) 

Trevally is the common name for a variety of fish species that have the potential to disappear into the rocks. The name rockfish is also used to refer to a variety of fish used for food.

Some fish species are known as reef fish:

Sebastis is a marine fish

Salvanius- a fish belonging to the gala fish family

Stonefish are poisonous fish found in the Indo-Pacific Ocean

Line trevally- North American fish

Fish belonging to the genus Kalavai

Myliopatis kyodai, a fish belonging to the eel family

These fishes are good for fry. Most of the Indian market selling this kind of fishes, due to a lot of its varieties people would get confused as sellers always use the generic word Parai for these fishes.

6. Barracuda ( Sheela or Mavula)

Barracuda is the most flavored variety of fishes in India. Barracuda fishes are with protein and omega-3-fatty acids which is good to recover from many health ailments. Most of the fish eaters are like to eat barracuda. 

When you go for any fish counters or order online then you ask for “Sheela meen or Seela meen”(ஷீலா மீன் ) in Tamil, “Jellow” in Telugu(జెల్లఓ), “Neduva”(നെടുവാ) or “koduva”(കൊടുവ) or “Cheela”(ചീല) or “Thiruthakkadian”(തിരുത്തക്ക) in Malayalam, “Jaba”(जबा) or “Tal”(ताल) in Hindi. Its desire for making fish fry and fish curry.
Some Barracuda fishes may contain more mercury which is dangerous for fetuses during pregnancy. It advised that pregnant women not to consume “Barracuda ” fish.

5. Butter Fish (Kudhippu or Viral meen)

Butter is a freshwater fish species. This fish is less thorny and tastier than other domestic fish species. Therefore, it is more expensive. The fish looks like a round shape with a long body. 

The head looks the same as the head of a snake. These fish are found in algae and vegetated inland water bodies such as lakes, ponds, and cisterns. These fishes have grown artificially also in the local farms using chicken waste in many places. This fish is dangerous for our health. Before buying, we need to make sure to check whether we are buying actual seafood instead of local farm fish.

4. Indian salman ( kala meen)

Rich in Omega 3, this fleshy saltwater fish is good for the heart. It is a very tasty fish with white flaky meat and moderate texture. It is good for both curry and fry. It is rich in a protective antioxidant, astaxanthin, and it is an excellent source of high-quality protein, vitamins, and minerals (including potassium, selenium, and vitamin B12). However, it is the content of omega-3 fatty acids in salmon that receives the most attention, and rightly so.

3. Cobia Fish (kadal Viral meen)

Cobia fish is difficult to catch which is stated by fishermen. Fish weigh up to 100 lbs and they fight to break or burst through nets. If you get one then you have the real treat to consume it as it is sweet and nutty, the flavor of cobia is unrivaled. Cobia gives a yummy taste when it’s fried, grilled, or sauteed as the fish has its own taste which just needs a light seasoning. Cobia fish is called as “ Kadal Viral” 

2.Vanjaram ( seer fish )

Seer Fishes are so-called pelagic fishes, predatory and fast swimmers. They are the most preferred fish in many regions of Sri Lanka and South India. Its called “Vanjaram”(வஞ்சிரம்) in northern Tamil Nadu and Andhra Pradesh. This is fish is one of the costliest variety compared to other fishes. This fish is called “Neymeen”(നെയ്മീൻ) in Southern Kerala. It is also called “Aiykoora”(ഐയ്ക്കൂറ) in northern Kerala and south coastal Karnataka. Seer fish is known as “Thora”(ශානුක) in Sri Lanka. Seer Fishes is also called “King mackerels” in some areas. Seer fishes are handled with care as they have sharp teeth. Wahoo is one of the popular varieties of fish for consumption. Seer fishes can be grilled, steamed, and fried. It's famed in the United States and South Pacific as a canned product.

1. Pomfret (iVaval)

Fish is filled with omega-3 fatty acids and vitamins such as D and B2 (riboflavin). Fish is rich in calcium and phosphorus and a great source of minerals, such as iron, zinc, iodine, magnesium, and potassium. Very good for children. This fish is expensive like 1200 rupees per KG and 3 to 4 pieces only will be there for a kg. But, worth it for its taste. There won't be any bones except the center bone.

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