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I am Samyraj, an engineer. In my native village, they call me Samy. I am from Trichy (The Rock City), Omandur Village.  To be honest, I was not much interested in cooking till when I move away from my hometown for my career. Then I was in the condition to prepare food myself. That's when interest in food increased. The end result is this website foodfriend.net.

I was from a 100% poor farmer family. We had land for lease during my childhood(Would be around 3 to 9 years). We had our own cows, buffalo, bullocks. I used to get them for grazing. Roaming around the village forest is really fun and enjoyable.  Watering to the garden plants, picking the veggies from plants, lunch (millet koozh) under the tamarind tree, climbing guava tree, seasoning palm harvest and eating along with all farming laborers, taking baths in the water bunk are unforgettable memories.

Later we quit our farming work because of some issues(I don't remember exactly), we started a tea shop during my 9 to 15 years at my village. I used to make tea, coffee, Vada/Bajji/Bonda, Sarbath, Juice. Actually, there was a bank opposite our shop,  bank manager used to appreciate my tea preparation and taste. We also make buttermilk with the excess milk from the tea shop, I used to sell it to village people by roaming on a bicycle.  At that time 1 glass(maybe 200 ml) of buttermilk is 1 rupee. 1 kg of good rice is 18Rupees. 1kg sugar is 14rupees. Chikki what we get for 2 rupees is just 25 paise. In villages, vegetables are being exchanged by neighbors for no cost. We no longer get those days back. 

On my 7th to 12th, we sold the shop due to the lack of manpower and we started to have goats. We had around 35 goats. I used to get them for grazing with a textbook on weekends. They do their grazing and I read. Those are really unforgettable days. We enjoy nature. We pick forest fruits and mushrooms, taking bath in the lake water, etc.

I got the school's second mark on the 10th board exam. Then I joined the 11th standard.

In my 17th year, we bought a piece of land in our native which had full of bushes almost an acre. I and father cleaned the land thoroughly and prepared for farmland. Luckily that time is my summer holidays after the 12th standard board exam. 

Then I joined the Salem Govt Engineering college and completed mine by CSE, Bachelor Engineering.

I started my work in a popular IT company in India.  During that time, I tried to learn guitar and it was not successful. (lost interest, but learned some basic chords and how to play) . Then learned Hindi. Again, I lost my passion and learned only a few things. 

Once I move to the USA for my work, I was very interested to explore many places and taste the different varieties of food. It increased my interest in food too much. Then, I focused on cooking. Now it becomes my first hobby.   Now, I am making few recipes myself and updating this blog and my youtube channel FoodFriend. I am very interested in web design as well.

From my childhood, I used to help my mother to make food, grind Idli batter, cutting vegetables, preparing chappathi, deep frying sweets and snacks during festivals, making Dosa's, buying groceries and meat, etc.  

However, even if try many recipes at the restaurant, the homemade food is very healthy and tasty. Along with recipes, I add health blogs and food-related articles. 

Hope you like the recipes you find here. I will be thrilled to hear from you. Let me know if you like the recipes.
Contact me : juskdin@gmail.com

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