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This is Kanimozhi w/o Samyraj. This blog is started by my husband initially and now I am managing it. I do not know how to cook other than making hot water, tea, and chapati before my marriage. After I married I had to move to the USA along with my husband and had to learn cooking for our daily food. Learned to cook different recipes with help of youtube and my husband teaches me the level of ingredients and spices to add. From then my interest in cooking increased. Then he handed over managing the website

We both are from the rock city of Tamilnadu Trichy and cook Chettinad food. 

Hope you like the recipes and health articles you find here. I will be thrilled to hear from you. Let me know if you like the recipes.
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  1. hi samyraj
    ..My wife Manjusha forwarded your blog to me

    I read your story. very inspiring to know coming from such background and being successfull in career is not that easy. Its good to know how you helped your family to settle.

    All the best for your career and happy new year