Medicinal benefits of Little millet

What are the benefits of Indian country's rice?

The ‘Little millet’ ( in Tamil it is called "Samai"), a small grain cultivated in the dry land, is very valuable. Like other cereals, it does not require much water. Yields throughout the year, even in high temperatures and without rainfall. Another advantage is that it can be harvested within 65 days of planting. Farmers will cultivate more if people started eating more little millet.

Farmers also get better yields with less work. Its use has declined over time as the epidermis is hard and does not polished like rice. Samai is called 'Little millet' in English. It is called ‘Gutki’ in Hindi. In Telugu and Kannada, it is somewhat called ‘Sa-ma’, ‘Sa-me’.

Now hard top skin removed little millet is available. We do not require to remove the skin when using this. Like rice, it can be easily used to cook many dishes. We could understand this by looking at the purchase. Although it could be pierced and unskinned like a millet, many did not use it due to a lot of work to prepare.

We can make nutritious flour out of this for kids. Dry roast the unskinned little millet until a nice aroma starts and cool down and make a powder. Add 1 part fried gram to 3 parts of millet when making flour and make porridge. 

It can be given to children from the 7th month. Mix 1 tablespoon of flour with 1 tumbler of water and bring to a boil. When the baby grows a little, it can be boiled like a pulp. Add a little salt. Adding milk can reduce water. But start using milk only after 9 months.

Foods made with little millet are suitable for all ages. Very easy to digest. There are no side effects. Help to avoid constipation.

Although a little millet is more expensive than rice, it is rich in nutrients.  Stomach full even if we take a small amount. Get all the nutrients you need without supplements. Taking little millet will not make you hungry for too long. You could cook quickly. When you look at these qualities the benefit is greater than the price paid.

We can cook and eat like rice. No pressure cooker is required. 2 parts of water are enough for one part little millet. Sometimes it even takes two and a half. No need to soak.

Heat the water in a heavy saucepan, add the washed little millet when it comes to a boil, mix lightly once it comes to a boil, cover, and simmer over medium heat until the moisture evaporates. They won't stick to each other. Do not stir frequently in the middle. Even if you have one-third of the amount of rice you eat, the stomach will be full. You can take along with Sambar, Kuzhambu, Poriyal, Rasam, and Curd and eat anyway.

We can make many tasty dishes like Pongal, Uppuma, Idli, Dosa, Paniyaram, Biryani, Pudding, Murukku, Alva, Laddu, Kesari, Adhirasam, Roti

Let's prepare at our home.


100 grams of little millet contains 7.7 grams of protein. This protein helps in the growth of the body, to strengthen the bones, muscles, and flesh strong. In addition, it gives good energy to the cells going to the brain. Relieves mental fatigue. Can get good sleep.

It contains 7.6 grams of fiber. It helps to prevent constipation. Weight does not increase. Ideal for diabetics as it slowly releases glucose into the blood. It will lower cholesterol.

It contains 67 grams of starch. This flour is gluten-free. So that will give the full benefit. Calories measured in energy would be 341 per 100 grams.

It contains 9.3 mg of iron. We can get one-third of our daily iron by taking 100g little millet. It can be given not only to pregnant women but also to nursing mothers. It can be eaten from an early age to prevent anemia. Suitable for all ages. It contains more iron than millet. Two and a half times more than in Ragi.

Calcium is less than millet but remains ready to absorb. (Contains 7 milligrams.) One-third of millet.

Mineral salts: Magnesium, Sodium, Potassium, Copper, Manganese, Zinc, and many other important minerals can be obtained from little millet.

B complex vitamins such as thiamine, riboflavin, niacin, folic acid are all available. 

It can help pregnant women as well. It contains folic acid, which prevents the development of children with cerebral palsy. Constipation does not occur.

Prevents anemia due to high iron. It helps in the production of healthy cells. There are many important vitamins needed to give birth to healthy babies. When it comes to protein, all the essential amino acids in it are found in this one cereal. This protein helps in physical growth and mental development.

It has more protein than other grains. Gives good physical strength to athletes. This protein is also beneficial for those who do not eat eggs. It does not starve quickly. It will increase the number of cells in the body by increasing the minerals significantly. The nutrients in it help to prevent male infertility. This food is suitable for many diabetics and heart patients.

Cereal recipe

Little millet Pongal 


Little millet 250g, sprouted mung dal 75g, 75g Phaseolus Trilobus(Narippayiru in Tamil, Moth beans in English), 1 bunch chopped greens, 4 cups of water, finely ground pepper, cumin to taste, salt, oil, ghee as needed (roasted cashews as desired).

How to make it?

First add water, roasted moth beans, and cook till they become soft. Now, add sprouted lentils and little millet rice. Reduce heat and let simmer. Stir occasionally. Once, everything is cooked well, add shallow fried greens, salt, pepper, and cumin powder and mix. Once it is well cooked, add fried cashew nuts and ghee and serve as desired.

It will be very tasty. Moth beans are slightly darker in color than green lentils. Also available as peeled lentils. This lentil is rich in iron.

Note: Mung dal, Moth beans, and greens are all high in iron. Hence, no need to add too much ghee.

If folic acid is consumed by pregnant women, it can prevent the development of children with cerebral palsy.

Medicinal benefits of pellitory root, akrakaram

Anthemis Pyrethrum

In Tamil, this herbal is called Akrakaram. 

Akkarakaram is an herb that grows well in black soil. This herb is highly valued in Indian medicine. Its leaves are 15 cm long. It has 15cm long leaves, first in light green and then purple. The flowers are yellow with red spots. Each plant has about 7-10 flowers. It has an adventitious root system. Its roots are 5 - 10 cm long. 

This plant mostly growing on in hilly areas. Its root is medically useful. The dried root is available at herbal stores. The best medicine for throat infections and respiratory-related diseases.

It has medicinal properties such as salivation, irritation in the groin, and hyperthermia of the nasal passages.

1. Chewing a piece of pellitory root slowly for a long time and swallowing will cure toothache, sore throat, inability to move the tongue, and nausea.

2. Dry root powder can be absorbed in the nose to relieve nerve diseases caused by seizures.

3. Distill 30 g of pellitory root powder in 1 liter of water and boil it till it becomes 250 ml. Rinse your mouth 3 times daily with this water to reduce toothache and weakness of teeth. Ulcers in the mouth and throat will be cured.

4. Pellitory root, Liquorice, and Eclipta Alba can be powdered separately and then taken a little bit from everything, and eaten with honey daily in the morning can enhance the sweetness of the voice.

5. For some people, constipation can occur during dryness in the mouth. In this case,  Take pellitory root with honey to relieve nausea and constipation.

6. Some people develop a sore tongue and a sore throat without being able to speak. If such people put a small piece of pellitory root in their mouth and swallow saliva, can solve sore throat, hoarseness and excessive thirst will be all right.

7. Brain, which is the control center for the balanced movement of the body and the energy of the mind. If it does not function properly, it will not be able to think properly, memory will decrease, and fatigue will occur in the body. Akkarakara, Centella Asiatica medicine will help. Akkarakaram, Centella Asiatica, and velvet bean can be taken in equal proportions mixed with milk twice a day to improve brain function. It also increases the body's hormone secretion and improves thinking ability.

8. If you eat pellitory roots, the body's metabolism will increase and the bad cells will leave and new cells will form. Through this, the radiance of the body will increase and the mind will become excited and will be involved in the activities we do.

9. Take a pellitory root and boil it in half a liter of water. Boil until it is reduced to 1/3. If you drink this, you will get rid of the effects like excessive thirst, dryness, and headache.

Note the difference between akrakaram and agrahaaram.

The street where brahmins lives are called Agraharam. Haram is the name given to the temple of the gods Hari and Haran. Agraharam is the name given to the street which is the main one very close by temples (Agram - front of Haram temples). The science that says that (Akram) leads in front (Nayati) is called Agni, THERE CAN NOT ANY MOTION WITHOUT AN IGNITION, and begins with the Rig Veda first calling the Lord who runs the world Agnim Ede (Ile).

Benefits of buying from a local farmers market - Help farmers

Many of us may have a question that a farmer's market is cheaper than a grocery store or supermarket. 

If you ask me, The farmer's market should not be much cheaper, nor should it be!

Please do not go to the farmer's market thinking that you can get everything cheap or bargain!

Why I say so is that the biggest problem for our farmers in our country right now is the price!

This price is the reason why agriculture is falling down in India!

Indian Agriculture and Related Business Report say as of September 2019 that, more than 58 percent of India's population is dependent on agriculture for their livelihood.

It is estimated that there were approximately 9.87 million farmers in India till the end of May last year!

Agriculture accounts for about 12.2% of the country's economy!

However, as of 2016, more than 8000 farmers have committed suicide!

It is questionable whether it goes into the hands of the farmer even if you buy it at a higher price!

The reason for all this is that their products do not get the right price!

The truth is that even if there is something wrong with the government, there is something wrong with us!

People are looking for cheap or stylized items!

Farmers' Market is a place where farmers sell their produce directly!

Don't go there and negotiate. There is nothing wrong with paying a little more for good quality products as much as possible!

Do not be happy that a kilo of tomatoes or onions is available for 10 rupees! Keep in mind that a farming family will starve!

Buy as many items as possible at the farmer's market! Give them the price they ask for!

Now, coming to the topic, Yes, prices are lower here than in grocery stores. This is because the farmers' market is something that was created by the government to reduce the intermediaries between farmers and consumers.

A membership card will be issued to the farmers in this market. Each farmer's market is maintained by an agricultural officer. His main job is to set prices for every agricultural commodity every morning. First, he asks the price of those items at the wholesale store. He will then ask the price of the grocery store. Then the price is calculated 25% more than the wholesale price and less than the grocery store and writes the price outside each store.

Look at the pictures below. The pricing card is displayed.

This will benefit both the consumer and the farmer. There is no charge for farmers to shop in this market.

The middleman buys the product from the farmer at a low price and sells it at the grocery store, so he is the only beneficiary. But the farmer will benefit from the farmer's market. The vegetables are cheaper for consumers as well.

Most of them sell only vegetables.

If you plan for a tour visit the local farmer lands and get fresh vegetables from there. Just think that, when you go to a restaurant, you blindly tip them 50 to 100 rupees for their actual duty, in the supermarket, you pay for the displayed product with no bargain, when you order food with food delivery partner you pay what they ask along with tips, taxes.

Considering this, nothing wrong to pay what the price farmers ask! They definitely will not overprice you.

Please add your area uzhavar snadhai / Farmers market in the comment section.

Let's preserve agriculture !! Let's benefit !!