Egg Omelette/Karandi Omelette Coimbatore style

In Tamil Nadu there will be a big spoon which is made up of iron name called 
Aalaakarandi or Karandi. This is being used for making thadka or for seasoning 
small quantity recipe like chutney, butter milk, etc. Since this karandi being used 
for making this omelette, its called Karandi omelette. This is very famous in one
of  the popular restaurant located in Coimbatore รข€“ Tamilnadu. We have tried 
this omelette for our evening snack today and taste is wonderful and looks like a 
idli. Lets see how to make now.


Egg - 1
Chopped onion - very little
Salt for taste
oil - 2 tsp


Add two tsp of oil in a karandi and heat.
Meanwhile beat egg with little onion and salt. Do not add more onion since it will 
leave some water while cooking and it will spoil the taste of omelette and look. So 
add very little.
Now add this beaten egg into the karandi and cook. After sometime rotate into 
other side.
Cook for a minute. Now you will see the omelette become similar to a big idli.
Rotate each side until both sides cooks well.
Once cooked completely, remove out from Karandi.
That's all. Now the Karandi omelette is ready to serve.
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