How to buy Goat meat and its medicinal benefits

When you buy the goat/Lamb meat, you would buy thigh meat frequently. Because the flesh is much more in these areas. However, the meat is a little bit harder than other area.

In general, Most movable muscles while walking is harder than normal. Instead, the chest and back part of muscles are soft and tender. It is better for digestion if you buy this.

Every part of the goat/sheep meat has some medicinal benefits for us. Many parts make the gastric problem for human body and can produce indigestion. Hence, it is necessary to cook meat always with cumin seeds and pepper ingredients.

You can identify good meat with the amount of blood stained on it while you buy. When the goat is healthy, the blood will completely drain and will not be stagnant on the meat. But if the goat has disease, stagnant blood will be on the meat. Same old female goat meat is better than male goat meat.

Goat Eye:
Eating eyes will make your eyes stronger. Also, it will increase eye sight.

Goat Heart:
Increases boldness. Strengthen heart. It will make you mentally strong as well.

Goat Bowl (Boti)
The Bowl have the power to heal the ulcer and the gastrointestinal tract wounds.

Goat Brain:
Eyes get cool. Increase semen level. Keep mind fresh and will increase the memory power. Also, it helps to strengthen the brain.

Goat tongue: 
Cool the body and make skin glow.

Goat fat:
Make hip part stronger enough. It will cure any wounds. Perfect remedy for pox and hash diseases

Goat neck:
Neck part meat will be very soft and tasty. Suitable for children and older people to chew. Importantly, there is no fat from this meat.

Goat feet:
Strengthen bone. Make you bolder. It will give energy to our legs. It will be good for arthritis issues. 

Goat Head:Get rid off heart related diseases. Strengthen bowl system. Also, it cures skull diseases.

Goat lungs:
It will get rid off body heat and strengthen our lungs. 

Goat chest meat:
It will cure phlegm disease. Strengthen the chest. It will cure if any wounds on the chest area.

Nutrition available from Goat meat:
Moisture - 74.2%
Protein - 21.4%
Fat - 3.6%
Mineral - 1.1%

Hence, Meat also has some medicinal benefits.

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