Medicinal uses and benefits of cumin


Cumin is a medicinal herb. It is widely grown in the hills of northern India. Cultivated in hilly areas of Tamil Nadu. The dried seeds of the cumin plant are called cumin.

In Tamil, it's called Seeragam. Seer + Agam = Seeragam, hence the name seeragam because it cleans the internal body. It plays a major role in aligning the abdominal organs. Slightly spicy, and has a sweet taste. It cools the body. It's being added to all the dishes due to its aroma, taste, and digestibility are high. Cumin is a must in most of the dishes cooked in our homes.

Nutrients contained in cumin

100 grams of cumin contains many essential substances for the body. Cumin is rich in iron, vitamin B, vitamin E, protein, fiber, and saturated fat.

Cumin oil

56% of oils such as Hydrocarbons, Terpene, and Thymol are extracted from cumin. Thymol is used in many pharmaceutical companies to kill stomach worms and as an antiseptic.

Medicinal uses of cumin

Improving health
If you drink water mixed with cumin on an empty stomach, your face and hair will look great. Physical health will also improve. It is also a natural remedy for various health problems.

Improving digestion
Put a little cumin in water and boil it and drink that water on an empty stomach in the morning. It is very good for the stomach. This water will provide relief from indigestion. The best remedy for abdominal pain. Drinking cumin water by pregnant women can improve digestion during pregnancy and stimulate the digestive enzymes of carbohydrates and fats. Increasing milk secretion. The fiber in cumin can help get rid of constipation.

Increases immunity

It is essential to drink water mixed with cumin to boost our body’s immune system. Also lowers blood sugar levels. Cumin water will also add benefit to the respiratory structure. Helps to cure colds.

Blood pressure is normalized

People with high blood pressure can drink cumin water to help keep their blood pressure under control. This is because potassium is in cumin. It also helps in the metabolism of the body. Helps expel toxins from the body and protects the gallbladder. The liver also gets stronger.

Increases iron

Iron is essential for good health. Cumin water will correct iron deficiency. Reducing menstrual pain. Cumin water can also be used to brighten the skin. It contains not only potassium but also nutrients like calcium, selenium, and manganese. They refresh the skin.

Respiratory problems are normalized

The iron in cumin increases the level of hemoglobin in the blood and cures anemia. It can kill germs in the airways and provide relief from colds and coughs. This will solve the respiratory problems. Drinking cumin water regularly will boost memory and immunity.

Great for face glow

If you mix turmeric powder with cumin water and wash your face, your face will glow. The skin becomes soft and supple. The vitamin E in cumin helps to maintain youth. The nutrients in it strengthen the hair and provide nutrients to the hair roots to grow.

Mental illness is cured

Mix cumin with grape juice and drink it to control blood pressure. A decoction of cumin and small onions with vegetable hummingbird can cure mental illness and dementia.

Bile will decrease

Add cumin, ginger, and a pinch of salt to the water to remove gas. Mix cumin with ginger and lemon juice and soak it for a day and then eat it twice a day for three days to cure bile.

Provides cooling to the body

Eat Dry ginger, cumin, pepper, long pepper powder mixed with honey to smooth running of all the internal organs of the body. Cumin also has the power to cool the body and keep the body glowing.

Diarrhea is cured
Add cumin seeds, two betel leaves, and four peppercorns and chew it to cure stomach disorders. Drink cumin tea by adding little awwain to stop diarrhea.

The dizziness stops

Cumin is an antidote for indigestion and flatulence. Dizziness can be cured by chewing a little cumin and drinking a tumbler of cold water.

Cumin plays an important role in giving flavor and aroma to cooking. Cumin plays an important role in the preparation of various spice powders.

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