Aloe vera medicinal benefits

Aloe Vera

Aloe vera, also known by various nicknames as the heaven plant, the miracle plant, and the village pharmacy, is an essential source of beauty tips.

Aloe vera called 'Kumari' by Sidha doctors. This plant is native to South Africa and the Arab world. The evergreen perennial plant grows in tropical fields and in fences in high altitudes. Can live for many seasons. Succulent shrub. The leaves are arranged in layers like rose petals.

There are many types of cactus such as aloe vera, small cactus, big cactus, ghost cactus, black cactus, red cactus, and train cactus. Aloe vera is used for its medicinal properties.

The leaf juices contain many chemicals called anthraquinones, resins, polysaccharides, and ‘Alectinib’. The yellow liquid distilled from aloe vera is called ‘Moosambaram’.

Aloe vera, which is in a variety of colors like light green and dark green. Only matured aloe vera contains medicinal benefits.

Cactus is one of the most sought-after cosmetics products in the world today. Its juice balances skin moisture and cures skin diseases.

Aloe vera juice can be used daily to treat dark circles, blemishes, sun exposure, and dry skin.

Aloe vera extract can be used for instant relief from scratches and injuries that occur when men shave. The ‘instant doctor’ for burns is cactus juice.

Rubbing its extract on the face at night and washed off with hot water in the morning will remove dark circles and brighten the face.

Grind whole unpeeled aloe vera with turmeric nicely and rub it on the face, neck, arms, and legs. After a few hours, take bath and wash with fenugreek foam to brighten the body. It will cure any skin disease. Apply aloe vera paste on the scalp while combing. It will act like gel with no smell and your hair style stay for the whole day. The heat of the head will decrease. The body looks cool.

Aloe vera juice can be applied to feet to remove tiredness and travel fatigue. Suppresses skin irritation and cools the skin. Rejuvenates and moisturizes tissues. Suitable for all skin types. Helps to get rid of wrinkles on the face and retain freshness and youthful radiance. The scars in particular will disappear without a trace.

Aloe vera can be put on the eyes for eye irritation. Boil aloe vera with castor oil and take a tablespoon twice a day in the morning and evening. It will cool the body and skin will glow. Eliminates chronic constipation. The liver will be very healthy.

In hair care, it is used to darken the hair and stimulate hair growth. Eliminates hair problems and dandruff on the head. It is a healing remedy for skin tightness. Aloe vera rubbed on the scalp with coconut oil will make the hair grow well. Oil baths cause eye cooling and restful sleep.

Aloe vera juice penetrates into our skin four times faster than water. This juice is rich in Vitamin C and B nutrients and minerals. Aloe vera is high in a fat-reducing protein called collagen, which helps to reduce the appearance of wrinkles on the face. And this oil will regulate the monthly menstruation of women. 

Aloe vera is a medicine to cure peptic ulcer and stomach-related diseases.

Take aloe vera paste and boil it in oil and apply to the hair, to get hair growth and remove dryness. Soak aloe vera, castor oil for a while and grind with dill and chopped white onion, and strain it. Take a spoonful of this juice morning and before going to bed at night. The body will grow. The heat will be get reduced.

Such an aloe vera is the sweet friend of the younger generation! Let's grow at home

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