Scientific Explanation for Sri Maha Shivaratri

Scientific Explanation for Maha Shivaratri

The doctrines of the Siddhars transcend religions. The Siddhars did not fall prey to the magic of religion. There are a number of concepts that need to be explored that reveal the secrets of this universe and the God who created us. The present-day priests have distorted those views and made them subject only to one religious law.

In their texts, they have eloquently revealed all the secrets of atoms and the universe. It is not fair to tie them to religious doctrines without examining them.

Every moment in this universe, the radiations of every planet and millions of cosmic stars are passing through us. The Siddhas studied such radiations and revealed these secrets by their yoga powerTheir study of the astronomical theories of that day is the anchor of today's space research and science.

All the devices on which today's science largely relies are derived from this universe. Not created by humans. Not everything, including their thinking power, is not driven by them.

Sri Maha Shivaratri:

Shiva - The true interpretation of the sound of each scripture hidden in it is different, but these are being interpreted with religions and many arguments are going on. 

When the Almighty Divine Power is present in every atom, why can't it be in the doctrines of other religions? It signifies our stupidity of religious concepts. The Siddhars are the ones who have passed and beyond all of these. 

Man acts externally if he is under the control of the body and internally if he is under the control of the soul. Certain planetary phenomena occurring in the solar system make a man act internally. 

On the days of the new moon(Amavasai) and full moon(Pournami), the earth-moon-sun sets in a kind of planetary phenomenon. Thus man acts internally without any kind of self-initiative. On such days if the man tries to turn outward by his physical activity, his body and mind will lose balance.

Our ancestors created these celebrations to engage in spiritual activity to keep man balanced and introverted. Notice the full moon day that comes every month.  Chithra full moon day, Vaikasi Visakham(which is celebrated as the birthday of Lord Murugan). All these days set the atmosphere for going to the temple by saying something special day. But today, people are doing other things like getting married these days or starting a business, etc,. These are outward activities and should be avoided.

If any other event related to the sun, moon, and earth happen on other days, other than the New moon, full moon day, then man should try to be inward on that day as well. The monthly Ekadashi(The eleventh phasis of the moon) Triyodasi(The thirteenth day of each lunar fortnight)The time of an eclipseand Maha Shivaratri days of the year make a man act inward spontaneously automatically. Only on these days sun, which represents the soul, and the moon, which represents the mind, see their self zodiac sign directly. According to yoga, the Sun and the Moon refer to the Ida and Pingala nerves in our body, so the slight movement of the nerves also occurs these days.

On the day of Maha Sivaratri, the Sun and the Moon will gradually change their position and will move as the Sun embraces the Moon. As the soul and mind of the solar system change in their state, there would be a change in men's souls and minds. Spiritual superiority occurs when one leaves the body naturally and takes care of the interior body, without giving work to the body (earth) on that day.

Not eating food (fasting) and not sleeping were done to avoid physical activity. Many people nowadays go to the cinema at night and engage in celebrations on these special days. You will understand that it is a misdemeanor.

Sivagangai Special:

The Siddhars are the ones who know the meaning of every word in Tamil.

12 Vowels, 18 Consonants, 216 Vowels and Consonants combination are derived by Siddhas and formed into Linguistic form who studied very well our body and know where they are originated.

On the day of Maha Shivaratri, the radiation of certain planets and giants will be seen all over the earth, while springs will flow from underground in a particular area. This spring water is the fluid used by the Siddhas to change everything like aging and diseasesUsing this water one can change everything. A crowd will be roaming around that area to find this out as iron can also be turned into gold. But its location can only be known by those who have attained extraordinary Yoga like Sidhas. The place is named Shiva Ganga due to the origin of such a special spring. 

Apart from this, the Siddhas used the miraculous power that spread all over the earth on that day for their spiritual development through meditation. The meditation that they do on that day will give them the equivalent benefit of meditating continuously for three months. This is the method of achievement of the Siddhas.

This is what our forefathers used to say on that day, one should wake up and sing praises to the Lord. But what they are referring to here is not the external eye awakening, but the meditative state with the inner eye awakening.

May we too, live happily on this holy day by absorbing the omnipotent cosmic energy.

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