The family deity is the life deity that protects your family

*Family God..!*

*Family deity is the life deity that comes first to protect your family..*

*How do you know which one is your family deity?*

*Just as air is important for life, the family deity is very important for the survival of the clan.*

*People living not only in villages but also in big cities have a custom of worshiping other deities only after worshiping their family deities.*

*No matter which country they live in, they return to their hometown at least once a year and worship their family deity.*

*Many others also have a festival for the family deity.*

*First of all, they perform their household special ceremonies like ear piercing and hair offerings in the family deity temple. After that only they will do it in other temples*

*Whatever our favorite deity is a powerful deity, we should worship the family deity first.*

*Because, just as we enter a house after obtaining the permission of the occupants of that house, other deities seek the permission of the family deity before helping their devotees.*

*Perhaps if the family has family deity blemish(Dhosam), the grace of other deities will not be available.*

*If one does not have the permission or favor of one's family deity, it is doubtful that even if one does powerful Homam, Yaga, and visits to temples, it will never bring the expected results.*

*If there is no blessing from the family deity, there should be many obstacles in their progress.*

*So sad things happen*.

*There are many problems like marriage ban, childlessness, permanent joblessness, family problems, physical ailments, etc.*

*In our Hindu society it is a mandatory rule that before starting an auspicious activity one should start new endeavors after worshiping Lord Ganesha.*

*Similarly, if you worship the family deity and offer Pongal at the temple of the family deity at least once a year, you will be happy in life like that Pongal.*

*If there is an obstacle in trying to get rid of the obstacles, if you keep a rupee coin in a turmeric-mixed yellow cloth and pray to the deity in mind to remove the obstacles, you will see good results soon.*

*Similarly, if there are physical ailments, those physical ailments will go away, if you tie a rupee coin in a turmeric-mixed yellow cloth and worship the family deity mentally and tie it on the right hand of the person suffering from physical ailments, the physical ailments will get well soon without any major problems due to the power of the family deity*.

*How do you know which one is your family deity?*

*If people don't know what their family deity is, how can they know their deity? Apply turmeric at the door entrance of our house and in the puja room of our house, according to their clan custom, sprinkling scented flowers and offering camphor lamp worship, on Fridays and Tuesdays and praying*,

*We want to know where you are, our family deity.*

*We want to know you.*

*We need your grace.*

*Come and protect our clan.*

*If you wish for it from your heart, you will definitely get to know the details about your family deity from someone.*

*This is a fact found in the experience of many people*.

*Usually the people we care about the most will find us one day*.

*They call it telepathy…like that*

*This applies not only to those telepathic humans but also to divine action.*

*The clan deity resides at the door entrance of the house and in the puja room to protect his clan people*.

*That is why our forefathers made it a rule that according to their clan custom, we should perform Deeparathana at the doorstep and in the puja room of the house.*

*Worship the family deity.*

*Family deity is the life deity that comes first to protect your dynasty.*

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