Apricot is a medicine for many diseases

Apricot is a medicine for many diseases

Super-nutritious, miracle apricots are rich in nutrients with golden skin and a slightly sour taste.

It belongs to the Rosaceae family with the botanical name Prunus armeniaca. The ripe orange fruits of these small trees are used medicinally.

Apricots work tremendously in removing gallstones and destroying intestinal worms.

Nutrients in Apricot:

100 grams of apricots contain 0.4 grams of fat, 1.4 grams of protein, and 11 grams of carbohydrates. It has 9.2 grams of sugar and 2 grams of fiber.


100 grams of apricot contain 96 micrograms of vitamin A, 10 milligrams of vitamin C, and 3.3 micrograms of vitamin E.


100 grams of apricot fruit contains 0.39 mg of iron, 13 mg of calcium, 23 mg of phosphorus, 10 mg of magnesium, 259 mg of potassium, and 0.20 mg of zinc.

Healthy Skin:

Apricots are rich in vitamins C, A, and phytonutrients. These have anti-aging and antioxidant properties. If you are following a good skincare routine, don't forget to eat some apricots every day. Rich in antioxidants, this nutritious fruit can help heal various skin conditions.

Strengthens nerves:

The vanillic acids in the fruit and the aromatic oil rubin relieve pain in the hands and feet.

It is rich in iron and beta-carotene which is good for blood production. The carotenoids in it remove LDL, the bad cholesterol, and prevent heart disease. Potassium regulates blood pressure. A nutrient called lycopene inhibits cell aging. The tryptophans in it strengthen the nerves.


Apricot is a very nutritious fruit suitable for children. This fruit contains nutrients that fight heart disease and even some types of cancer. Apricots can be washed well and boiled in an idli plate or chopped and boiled with water and mashed.

Then mix oats and sugar in milk and let it boil for 5 minutes. Once it boils and thickens, switch off the flame and let it cool. After it cools down, mix apricot puree and oats and feed it to the baby. This boosts immunity in children

Visually clear:

Vitamin A improves eyesight. Eating 2 apricots which are called Turkish oranges daily at night will help the body absorb various nutrients and cell destruction will be controlled.

Cut 1 mountain banana and 4 apricots into small pieces and mix half a cup of curd and soak it for an hour and eat it while going to bed at night for better eyesight and glowing skin.

Controls Cholesterol & Blood Sugar Levels:

A bowl of apricots contains approximately 3 grams of fiber. Eat a few apricots daily to keep the digestive system functioning well. Although this fruit contains both soluble and insoluble fiber, soluble fiber is higher. It helps keep cholesterol and blood sugar levels under control.

Reduces Anemia Risk:

Non-heme iron is found in apricots. This type of iron takes longer to absorb, and because it stays in the body longer, it is more likely to prevent anemia. A good amount of iron plays an important role in the formation of hemoglobin in our body. Apricot also improves blood circulation and prevents anemia.

Prevents constipation:

The fiber content in apricots helps the digestive process a lot. The laxative properties of cellulose and pectin in it help in curing constipation. And the soluble fiber in this fruit dissolves quickly in the body, forming a gel and breaking down fatty acids. These acids help facilitate stool passage and break down food particles.

Heart Health:

Elevated cholesterol is one of the main causes of heart disease. As this fruit is rich in fiber, it helps in reducing bad cholesterol in the body. That means your heart is protected. At the same time, this fruit helps in increasing the good cholesterol. Its fiber, potassium, and vitamin C help in healthy heart function by lowering blood pressure.

It is available in May and June in Ooty and Coonoor areas... during those periods it is available in a few fruit shops in other parts of Tamil Nadu...

Dried apricots are available in supermarkets...

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