Health Benefits of eating Cordia dichotoma or CORDIA MYXA or Naruvali or Glueberry

Health Benefits of eating Cordia dichotoma or CORDIA MYXA or Naruvali

Fruits contain more nutrients than any other food. The traditional medicinal notes of our country also mention the benefits of fruits for the body. Among them, Cordia dichotoma, or CORDIA MYXA or Glueberry is a type of fruit widely known in Tamil Nadu, India. In Tamil, this fruit is called Mookuchali fruit. In Siddha medicine, this fruit is referred to as Naruvalli. Let's know the benefits of eating this Naruvalli or Mookuchali fruit.


Cordia dichotoma Benefits


The primary reasons many men are incompetent to make women conceive these days are due to dilution of their sperm and lack of sperm cells. Men who regularly eat the fruit of the Cordia dichotoma, get thickened sperm, increase the number of cells in the sperm, eliminate the infertility problem, and make way for a healthy baby.

Body heat

It is essential that the average temperature of our body remains constant at all times. During summer, many people's body heats up very quickly which causes many effects including headache and fatigue. In severe summers, if you eat cold fruits, your body will cool down, your body will get rid of fatigue and your mind and body will be excited.

Stomach Worms

Consuming too much chocolate and sweets in children, especially children below 12 years of age, produces worms in the stomach, which affects their health and makes them physically and mentally exhausted. Naruvali fruit is the best natural remedy for stomach worms. If these fruits are given to children to eat frequently, the worms will be destroyed and they will leave the body through the stool.

To gain body weight

According to modern medical criteria, every person should have a body weight that is suitable for their height. A few are underweight. Such people need to gain weight quickly and often eat Naruvali fruits. The nutrients present in it help in weight gain.

Vitamin C

"Vitamin C" is high in the Naruvali fruit. Only if this vitamin C power is in the right amount in our body, our body's immune system is strong and it is able to fight disease microbes that attack the body from outside. So it is very good for people of all ages to eat Cordia dichotoma fruits regularly.


The disease is caused by chronic constipation being in hot environments and eating a lot of food items that increase the heat of the body. There are many types of hemorrhoids. Any type of hemorrhoid can be cured quickly if you eat a lot of Naruvali fruits and pickles made from this fruit.

Heart diseases

One of the organs in our body that needs to be healthy is the heart. Naruvali should be eaten regularly to keep the heart healthy which is responsible for pumping blood to all parts of the body. The omega-6 compounds it contains have heart-strengthening properties.


Alcoholics sometimes develop inflammation in their liver due to excessive consumption of alcohol. Liver inflammation can be cured if you eat some Naruvali fruits daily. Eliminates the toxins accumulated in the liver.

Skin health

Some people experience dry skin, wrinkles, and an aging appearance due to aging and eating too many unhealthy foods. If people who are in this condition often eat the fruits of the Naruvali, the skin will have an increased luster and will give a youthful appearance. Removes skin wrinkles.

Stomach health, digestive power

Naruvali fruit is rich in fiber. So those who eat a lot of these fruits will get rid of long-standing constipation problems. This fruit has the ability to stimulate the production of digestive acids that help digest food in the stomach. Naruvali fruit helps to cure the diseases caused by the intestines and also helps in the welfare and smooth movement of the intestines.

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