Porgy fried Fish

Porgy is the common name in the US for any fish which belongs to the family Sparidae. They are also called bream. Porgies live in shallow temperate marine waters and are bottom-dwelling carnivores.

Porgy Fish – 5
Fish Masala – 50g
Lemon – ½
Oil for shallow fry

Take 5 cleaned(both gills and scales removed) Porgy Fish and make gashes with a knife.

Add 50g of Fish masala in a pan.
Squeeze ½ lemon juice with masala and make a thick consistency batter by adding very little water.

Apply masala batter fishes such a way the the masala goes inside the gashes.

Marinate for 30 minutes.
Then heat a dosa pan and add 3 teaspoon of oil.

Once pan hot, place fishes on top of the pan and shallow fry. Add one or two teaspoon of oil on top of fishes. Cook for 3 minutes. Porgy cooks faster.

Gently flip it to other side to cook.

Then gently take out from the pan and place on a kitchen towel.

Now the tasty Porgy fried fish is ready to serve.

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