Kambu Maavu/Pearl Millet Flour /Bajra/Pear Millet Puttu

I am going to share a very healthy and filling breakfast recipe made with Kambu/Bajra/pearl
 millet none other than delicious Kambu Puttu. Kambu/Bajra is a very common millet 
variety in India. Nowadays all the millet varieties have gained back their importance. People 
are becoming health conscious and are using lot of millets in their food which was earlier the staple food for our ancestors. As ar as kambu/Bajra is concerned it has very high fiber 
content, loaded with vitamin, minerals and amino acids. The high fiber content in turn aids 
in weight loss. Kambu/pearlmillet/bajra is easy digestible and has very low possibility of 
causing allergic reactions. Kambu is great alternative to rice for diabetic patients. It helps in 
maintaining good cardiovascular health and reduces acidity problems.

Ragi flour – 2 cup
Sugar – 5 to 6 teaspoon
Grated Coconut – 5 teaspoon
Cardamon powder – ½ tablespoon

Add 2 cups of Millet flour in a pan and dry roast till the flavor starts coming.

In a separate pan melt little jaggery by adding little water.

Then add the roasted flour in a bowl and moisture the flour by adding water little by little.

The flour should able to tighten without breaking at a same time it should not be more 

Spread the moisture flour on a white cloth placed on the idli plate.
Place them inside idli pan and bake for 10 minutes.
Once cooked by steam, place the cooked flour in the bowl and add ½ table spoon cardamon 

Add the jaggery sweet water(filter to remove the dusts), 5 teaspoon grated coconut and mix
it well.
Now put the flour into a tumbler and make a molding.

Now Very healthy Millet puttu is ready to serve.

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