Dead bodies can be carried on Indian trains for free!

Dead bodies can be carried on Indian trains for free! 

Red Cross helps us.

The Red Cross Society helps to carry the dead body in the train carriage free of charge.

Did you know that the Red Cross Society does such a service? I don't know yet either. Learn. Send it to others. Read on. Share it!

◆ There are some good events taking place from time to time in government organizations that benefit everyone. But many of us are not aware of this information. This post is to bring this information to everyone. Please share this as much as possible. Its purpose is to let everyone know.

● Recently a close friend's father passed away due to cancer in Chennai. They had planned to take the body to their hometown Sivagangai district, Devakottai city, and perform the last rites.

He passed away at Chennai Government General Hospital at around 2.30 am. His body was planned to be cremated in his hometown on the same day.

My friend reaches the hospital at 3.00 am. The doctors there come to know about his cremation plan. The friend did not know what to do. On the one hand, grief over the death of a father. On the other hand, the crisis of how to take and cremate on the same day.

Doctors sedated him and said you have 2 options. One is a government vehicle. Another is a private vehicle. If you use a government vehicle, it does not cost you a single rupee. They said that if you use a private vehicle they will ask around Rs.8000 to Rs.15000.

A friend thought private was best and contacted them. They said it would cost around 8000 rupees. The friend who spoke to the doctors again, as per their advice,

Called the toll-free phone number 155377 and inquired.

“Where are you going to take the body?” They asked. The friend gave the full details. “Of course, we arrange your trip in the best possible way. It will take you around 3 hours to you to complete all the formalities. Focus on them first. We take care of other things else!” They said.

According to them, the friend had also finished other work at around 7.30am and the friend contacted them again. They said to the friend, “Sir, we can only travel up to 100 km for free in our Hearse Van. We have arranged an alternative for you. Accordingly, we have provided adequate facilities for you in the morning at Guruvayur Express train. "One person can go free with the body" and loaded the body in the compartment next to the engine compartment of the train.

Note – Many of us are unlikely to know that such a facility exists in trains till now. All trains have this facility.

Nearing Trichy, a call to a friend on the phone. They are servants of the government vehicle. “When you reach Trichy junction, contact us. We take care of the rest!” They said.

According to them, when the train reached Trichy, he called that number. Without a minute's delay, they awaited their arrival on the platform. They picked up the body in two minutes and put it in the vehicle, left there at the specified time, and took it to the town on time.

The friend and his family completed the funeral arrangements on time as planned.

◆ Aid does not differ in proportion to the amount done; The amount of the assistance will be assessed according to the character of the recipient.

Not only did they not get a single rupee from the general hospital till the end. They have also given back the 100 rupees of the travel ticket taken by a friend in Egmore, so I have posted here what my friend told me about this service. Share everyone. This news may benefit someone.

Free Hearse Van Number: 155377.



Red cross society, Egmore: Address: Old No. 50, New No. 32, Building, Montieth Rd, Egmore, Chennai, Tamil Nadu 600008Phone:044 2855 4548

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