Padma Shri Dr. B. Nalini - Amma Doctor!

Padma Shri Dr. B. Nalini - Amma Doctor!

Dr. B. Nalini (79) is one of Puducherry's proudest people. Can a doctor still be like this? As astonishing as that is, her dedicated service.

She did not marry and lived as the welfare of the patients was important. Because of her life, 300 children survived and many of them are in high positions like doctors, and engineers.

She was the first recipient of the Padma Shri, the highest award of the Central Government, for her medical services in Hemophilia. When we met Doctor Nalini, popularly known as "Amma Doctor", at the Hemophilia Society in Gorimedu:

"I was born in my native house in Tanjore Melaveedi Street. Father Parthasarathy is a doctor. Mother Vijaya. I was born as an only child.

I was born with a stomach problem and the hospital became my second home. My mother was my first teacher. Unable to go to school until the age of four, I stayed at my grandmother's house in Bangalore and received my primary education. I completed my 10th standard and continued my college studies in Trichy. Later, I joined Puducherry Government Medical College.

I joined JIPMER Hospital in 1974 after graduating from pediatrics. Later, I went to Chennai as a Central Government Health Scheme Doctor and then came back to Jipmar from 1980 onwards. "I have seen children suffering from hemophilia while treating children with the blood cell disease "Thalassemia".

I was shocked to know that people from newborns to the elderly are affected by this disease. Hemorrhage is caused by a genetic disorder. Due to this, it was seen that the victims suffered many unspeakable sufferings including blood clots.

I was heartbroken when I saw these children and their mothers who were unable to cure it. When I was sick in my childhood, I thought of my mother's suffering. I focused on treating this condition.

There was a situation in Jipmar where there was no way to get proper treatment even though there was an examination facility. You have to spend thousands every day just to buy medicine and pills. It was only when I was looking for ways to help them that I came to know about the Hemophilia Federation in New Delhi and became a member. After that, I was able to buy medicine and pills from that organization.

Knowing that CMC Hospital, Vellore was providing training in hemophilia treatment, I sent staff from JIPMAR for training.

I am also running the Hemophilia Society in Puducherry. Since 1985, I have been treating thousands of people and providing free medicines and pills. Currently, 300 people are receiving direct treatment from me.

Puducherry Chief Minister Mr. N. Rangaswamy has helped a lot in the construction of the association building. Not only Puducherry but also people from different parts of Tamil Nadu also come to me for hemophilia treatment.

As a doctor, I was happy to see many children and heal them, and I never thought about marriage. The joy of 300 children and their families calling me "Mom" is incomparable.

I was very happy to hear that the boy who came with an illness at the age of one and a half is now a big businessman in Coimbatore.

I have been providing education, employment opportunities, and financial support to children affected by hemophilia and providing employment, training, and financial support to their families.

I have been organizing women's self-help groups through which I am providing comprehensive assistance to families affected by hemophilia.

Many social welfare organizations have also given me awards after seeing my work. They also issued postage stamps on behalf of the postal department.

It is also encouraging that the Congress presented the "Mahatma Gandhi International Peace Award" in New Delhi.

I see the award of Padma Shri as a recognition" he said.

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