Nothing is permanent in Life

Nothing is permanent in Life

He is a World famous designer. He recently died of cancer. Here are his last words for your life…

Nothing is Permanent

Nothing in this world is more real than death. !

The world's most expensive #branded car is parked in my garage. But I am being taken in a #wheelchair.! I can't drive it.

In my house, I have expensive clothes, shoes, and many designs and colors in this world. But I'm in a hospital-provided #small_gown.!

I have a lot of money in my #bank account but nothing is useful for me.!!

My house is like a palace and a castle but I am lying in a small #bed in the hospital.

I kept traveling to five #starhotels in this world. But now I am being shuttled to #labs and #lab in the hospital!

I was signing autographs for millions of people daily. But today the doctor's prescription is my #autograph. !

7 hair stylists will do my makeup every day that day. But today I have no hair on my head.

I have had many kinds of #food in top-star hotels around the world. But today two tablets during the day and a drop of salt at night. !

I was flying around the world in a private #jet. But today #two_persons are helping to reach the hospital verandah. ?

All the facilities and money did not help me. Not comforting in any way. ! But,

And the #faces of some #loved ones

Their #prayers also keep me alive. !