Medicinal benefits of different greens

Medicinal benefits of greens that we use every day

Greens contain many types of nutrients, by adding a green to our daily diet, we can increase immunity and protect ourselves from diseases. Let's see the names of these magnificent greens here.
green names

Sesbania grandiflora leaves(Agathi keerai) -  purifies the blood and clears the bile.

CHICORY  (Kasini keerai) greens  - keep the kidneys functioning well. Relieves heat.

Spinach (Pasalai keerai) - cures skin diseases and reduces venereal disease. Strengthens the muscles.

Malabar Spinach (Kodi pasalai) - Removes whitening and dysury.

Eclipta Alba/Eclipta prostrata (Karisalanganni keerai) - strengthens the liver. Prevents jaundice.

Amaranthus Viridis Leaves (Kuppai keerai) - can stimulate appetite. Reduces swelling.

Amaranthus aritis (Arai keerai) Increases virility.

Tamarind leaves (Puliangkeerai) - Relieves anemia. Cures eye disease.

Jew's mallow (Pinnakku Keerai) - Removes gonorrhea, strangury

Kale green (Parattai keerai) -  removes bile, phlegm and diseases.

Dwarf copper leaf/Sessile Joyweed (Ponnanganni keerai) enhances beauty and eye shine.

Bladder Dock (Sukkan keerai) - Regulates blood pressure. Treats the root of scabies.

White Eclipta Alba leaves (Vellai Karisalai keerai) -  Cures anemia.

Moringa leaves (Murungai keerai) - cure diabetes. Eyes and body get stronger.

Gotu Kola/Centella Asiatica leaves (Vallarai keerai) - strengthen the brain.

Cardiospermum halicacabum leaves (Mudakkatran keerai) -  Removes paralysis of hands and feet. Expell Gas.

Celosia argentea leaves (Pannai keerai) - Relieves scabies and cold.

Mint leaves (Pudhina keerai) - Cleanses the blood. Eliminates indigestion.

Pisonia grandis leaves (Nanjumundan keerai) -  The poison breaks down.

Leucas aspera leaves (Thumbai keerai) - Removes fatigue and laziness.

Indian coral tree leaf (kalyana murungai keerai) - Relieves colds and coughs.

Radish leaves (Mullangi keerai) - They remove the stricture of the urethra.

Purslane leaves (Paruppu keerai) - Remove bile. Reduces body heat.

Sorrel Leaves or Gongura (Pulicha keerai)Strengthens the liver. Removes nyctalopia or night blindness disease. Increases Masculinity.

Letis or Lactuca sativa Gisekia pharnaceoides (Manali keerai)Relieves rheumatism. Dissolves phlegm.

Black nightshade/Garden Nightshade leaves (Manathakkali keerai) - Cures mouth and stomach ulcers. Mosaic disease will go away.

Purple amaranth or Amaranthus blitum leaves (Mulai keerai) - make it appetizing. Nerves will be strengthened.

Chenopodium album leaves (Sakkaravarthi keerai) - improve semen or virility.

Fenugreek leaves (Vendhaya keerai) - relieve constipation. Strengthens the spleen and liver. Removes rheumatism and tuberculosis.

Solanum Trilobatum leaves (Thoothuvalai keerai) Improves masculinity. Removes skin diseases. expectorant.

Chekkurmanis leaves (Thavasi keerai) - It is a cough suppressant.

Musk basil leaves (Saanakeerai) - heal wounds.

White spinach leaves ( Vellai keerai) - can increase breast milk.

Indian Cadaba leaves (Vizhundhi keerai) stimulates appetite.

Vine chicory leaves (Kodi kasini keerai) - reduce bile.

Cleome Gyanandra leaves (Velai keerai) - help to relieve from headaches.
(Thuyili keerai) - will eliminate white spots.

Abutilon indicum or Indian Mallow leaves (Thuthi keerai)removes mouth and stomach ulcers. Removes white Hemorrhoids.

Alkaline leaves (Karakotti keerai) - cure hemorrhoids. Stops dysentery.

Boerhavia diffusa leaves( Mookirattai keerai)  removes phlegm.

(Naruthali keerai) - increases virility. Eliminates mouth ulcers.

If you use too much of some of the types mentioned above of spinach
may minor harm to the body.

Sesbania grandiflora can overcome medicinal power.

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