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Figs, dates and honey are the best natural healthy foods. If you eat all of these daily, your physical strength and immunity will increase. Dates — honey mix and the figs — honey mix will increase the blood in the body and increase sperm count.

Required things

* Dates - 1/2 kg (pitted)
* Pure honey - 1/2 kg
* Saffron little


Add dates and pure honey in the big mixing bowl. Sprinkle some of the saffron on it.
Soak this mix under morning sunlight (around 7-8 o'clock) for half an hour. Store it in a bottle.
Eat a couple of dates from this before going to sleep in the night, and drink a glass of milk and sleep.

Required things:

* Figs - 1/2 kg
* Pure honey - 1/2 kg
* Saffron


You should eat fig-honey mix after eating dates and honey. Mix figs, honey and a little saffron.
Soak it for half an hour under light sunlight in the morning.

Eat two figs before sleep and a glass of milk.


These two salads will purify blood in your body within a month from start eating. People who have anemia will get more blood in the body and be healthy.


Naturally, figs are a great diet to increase masculinity. In addition, molecules in milk help to boost the sperm production. Eating figs with the honey can help to increase the sperm count. 

Even though there are many nutrients in vegetable foods, it is necessary to eat non-vegetarian food at least once a week.

If you take anchovies and sardines fishes more than chicken, goat meat, we can get various health benefits to our body.

Benefits of eating fish:

Polyunsaturated fatty acid in fish reduces the level of bad cholesterol in our body and prevents cardiovascular diseases.

Essential fatty acids in fishvitamin E, selenium, etc. provide nutrients to the skin's health and help to prevent skin problems.

Teeth and bones are prevented from issues and improving their health.

Vitamin A is rich in fish. So it prevents eyes related problems.

Because the calories are low in the fish and the protein is high, it reduces body weight.

Eating fish frequently will increase intellectual growth and improve brain development.

Reduce blood clotting and reduces chances of cardiovascular disease, asthma and strokes.

Omega 3 fatty acids in fish reduce the chance of cancer in the mouth, esophageal, colon, Uterus, breast and prostate.

Pregnant women eat fish during pregnancyprevent premature birth and increase breast secretion.

If you continue to eat fish, stress will be reduced and cures diseases like bone drops, paralysis and in creases immune power.

People with diabetes can eat sardines fish to increase immunity and control the amount of sugar in the blood.

Prawn Fry
Nattukozhi chukka
Sirumeen(Small fish)
Maasi Karuvadu
Duck meat
Ayira meen kuzhambu, Idli, Jigardhanda
Degree Cofee
Masala Milk
Makkan Peda
Gulab Jamoon
Kadalai Mittai
Mascoth Halwa
Sri Villi puthoor
Palm Candy
Batel leaf
Kolli hills
Hill Banana


Nutmeg is an herb that attract people of the world by its flavor.

It has much spice and astringent taste. Nutmeg has amazing numerous medicinal properties and nutrients!

It is produced at Penang in Malaysia and in the Western Ghats of India.

The nutmeg has lot of influence around the world and there are more historical news behind this nut.

Due to its overwhelming responses for this nice smell, the Arab sailors have kept secret that where it is available from for few hundred years.

The fruit of nutmeg is used for making pickle. The seed inside is called nutmeg.

Between seed and its fruit flush there is a thin layer is called maize. 

The seed and maize are the ones, have nice flavor and have much medicinal benefit.

Sidha medicine prescribing this nutmeg for many diseases such as diarrheaasthma, but it well know medicine for curing diarrhea for children.

There was also suspicion that the flavorful content of nutmeg is in its nutrients. But, after many studies proved that though it works directly in the nervous system, it is not a drug.

Today's science suggests that nutmeg can be used to improve the nervous system, to improve mental agony, to encourage the mind, to increase the memory and release the mind from the stress.

The results of the study in Thailand indicate that nutmeg is also effective in reducing cholesterol in the blood and preventing blood cancer in white cells.

Take an equal ratio of nutmeg powder and dry ginger powder and 2:1 amount of cumin powder and mix it. Eat three table spoons of this powder before meal. This will remove gas trouble and help to digestion.

Nutmeg powder is the best medicine for diarrhea caused by viral and bacteria.

The Myristicin nutrient is the reason for slight sweetness of the nutmeg. This nutmeg Myristicin is being added in Anti-aging creams to avoid shrinking of skin. 

Add a pinch of nutmeg powder with cow milk and drink before go for sleep at night. This will remove depression, consistent sleep and strengthen nerves.

Nutmeg and maize are the best drugs for infertility, increase sperm counts and create sexual interest.

Take equal amount of nutmeg, jute seed, cardamom, clove, green camphor, and, Plumbago zeylanica (all need to be properly cleaned.) and make it to smooth powder. It can be given to stomach painmenstrual pain, and migraine headaches. This drug is the immediate painkiller!

Overall, nutmeg is good and medicinal ingredients to use. Start use!!

Summer is started now. Now itself we can't able to adopt heat. You do not need to say how much heat will be in the upcoming months.

Everyone skin is different from each other. Mine is mixed type. Sometime I would have oily skin and sometime it will be a dry skin.

But, I used to give extra care to my skin during summer. You would have different kind of skin and care routines. If you share yours in the comment section, it will be useful for others. 

So here is mine:

Drink plenty of water. Water is the best medicine in the world. I used to avoid tin juices and take coconut water and sarbath. If not, I drink plenty of water. This will avoid skin getting dry. 

Weekly once or twice taking oil bath. Using castor oil, vitamin e oilcoconut oil for hair. If you have oil skin means mix tea tree oil few drops with these mixtures and use it for the face also. 

Tea tree oil is the best ingredient to control your oily skin. It is very useful to reduce a pimple and acne. 

While taking oil baths, don't use soaps. Use gram flour.

Don't rub your face with kerchiefs often. Skin may turn very tight and rough. Whenever you have timewash your face and neck with cold water.

Early morning washing your face with warm water, gives you a fresh look after some time.

Allow your skin to breath freely.

Don't use talcum powders for your sweating. Betterthen you could avoid skin problems.

Two days once, Apply fresh aloe Vera jell with a mix of few drops of vitamin e oil. This makes your skin very soft and acts as a good moisturizer.

Then one important thing. Our food habits. Eat lite and fresh foods. 

Keep your mind calm and relax.

Cant believe.Such unique places exist in Trichy.
This Mess/Restaurant is pure Veg place, functioning in an ancient heritage type house.
Surprisingly found the place …. They have all South Indian Stuff … Poondu Kulambu ( Garlic Paste ) is their unique specialty ….
I tried their Butter Roast, and Set Dosai … Had Poondu Kulambu insides …. Took their Coffee …
Their Butter Dosa was for Rs 50 … It was excellent with the mild flavor of freshly melted Butter ….
Their Poondu Kulambu and Set Dosai combo is for Rs 30 ….. Poondu kulambu had enough Garlic pieces and it was mild to the tummy .. Loved it …. Could not finish the set dosa … felt enough with one piece ..
Their Coffee at Rs 10 was nice …
Rockfort area is itself a ocean of Food joints … This is one among them ….
Its in Babu Road in Rockford Area 

Google Location Link

Spend your 3 min and read this fully.

In a meeting,

"Indians are fools, and they have enough money, but they have no brain." Dr. Irwin said and laughed loudly.

The other multinational pharmaceutical company owners also gathered there and exploded their laugh. The meeting place was very secret.The plan/conspiracy they create is terrible.

Dr. Irwin completed his PhD in the University of Illinois. He did research on what all are the raw elements of salt and which all are the chemicals in the salt and how to transform the salt into a corporate commodity.

He also completed Post Doctorate at Annamalai University, Chidambaram.

He stayed at Parankipettai for three years and continued to research on the role of salt in Indian food.

Coming back to the conspiracy consultation meeting, Dr. Irwin said as follow: 

"Indians usually will not get sick and lie on the bed. For a long period of time, they consumed pulses like millet, sardines, ragi, ice ragi, barnyard millet and healthy snacks like coconut, groundnut and they had much immunity.

The porridge and soaked old rice maintained their healthy life.

Now we have changed their traditional food culture. We have spread rumors that the groundnut and coconut have high fat. 

Our advertising monsters dragged them to our pizzaburger, cocoa cola.

Soaked Old rice, millet porridge, Kali (Tamil name) are all out of their food.

In Chennai, there are many crowds in the subway for our country food like Pizza and Burger.

Other country snacks are hanging in the polythene bags at Small shops of Tamil Nadu villages as well.

Traditional ground nut balls, puffed rice balls, and ginger candies have disappeared.

We are not able to see orange candies and sour candies which are made with jaggery.

This generation kids likes only fried snacks made with just masala powder and salts. Let's make a five year plan.

Before that three-quarters of Indians will turn into kidney and cardiovascular patients.

What's good for us to do that? "- asked by an another crocodile. 

Dr. Irwin answered as follows.

"We have many dialysis centers in the town.

Even ten-year-old kids have to go to one hour dialysis every morning before go to school. Our conspiracy will certainly succeed.

If it succeeds, all twenty plus people in India are heart patients.

All of them should have blood pressure pills daily three times. And then we who own the pharmaceutical factories are the world's richest people. "

Ok, let's see what is the that conspiracy?

Does your salt have iodine? Our table salt has iodine. This is the nation's number one salt. Every television channel has started advertising hundred times a day with famous cooking chefs and actors.

The brains of Indians were dulled by such advertising.

There is no traditional salt jar in any house nowadays. No salt pot. Salt powder packed in plastic bags and being used.

The use of sea crystal salt was stopped. In exactly five years their conspiracy has succeeded in India. Corporate hospitals counts in cities have grown.

In the corporate hospital AC, rooms, young men and young girls were laying on the bed and listening music using their headphones and machines separating the urine from their bodies.

One hundred young men gathered at the St George's Fort to give voice against this poisoned iodine salt.

young man from the group spoke in a loud voice as below:

"My dear people! Are you really adding actual salt in your meal? Our grandparents used the sea crystal salt only in their food right? Do you know that Ferrous cyanide which is toxic for our body added into the powdered salt packets? ".

Do you know if you consume minute cyanide, in the next moment you will die?

Aluminum-based chemical substance is used for whitening packaged salt. It will cause cancer. 

Mr. Abdul Kalam tried to make India as developed country in 2020.

But western pharmaceutical bosses are keen on to bring our country people as patients. 

The iodine salt is the weapon they have taken in their hand. Do you know that children who was studying in school a decade ago are so cute?

Now even small kids have a belly, and we are not able to see them. Everything is the result of this artificial salt.

Our housewives use this poisonous salt only to cook. Naturally available salt on seashore has all the minerals needed for the body at a reasonable rate.

Did the previous generation people have a heart disease or diabetes which used this natural salt? Has a kidney illness? They did not even know disease of Obesity.

Because our politicians are corrupt, foreign corporate companies easily enter into our country.

They can talk easily like welfare government. But really they are burying people health.

The poor and the middle people are buying expensive diseases because of lack of adequate awareness. ".

Those who stood around raised lot of applause.

In the next few seconds, the siren fitted vans have come, Police beat them and arrested those hundred youngster. All the TV channels were filmed.


No channel telecast-ed this news! You can't see such socially irresponsible TV channels anywhere else other than Tamilnadu! 

We people need to repent. Avoid powdery salts. Let's use sea crystal salt.

Kindly forward to all without FAIL. SAVE your self and your family and friends

If you already read this, just share until the change.
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