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Arthritis/Joint pain is one of the most people problems. Particularly who are aged between 40 and 60. They used to work hard in the day time and face killing pain at the night time. If we go to allopathic medicine, the doctors will give some tablets for pain relief. Sometime they say reason that your joint got weakness and replacement needed. Rich people go for surgery easily. But how about middle class/poor people? . "Prevention is better than cure" proverb is a solution for any kind of problem. There are many home remedies available to get rid off from Arthritis. We will see few of them below.

1. Take two tablespoons of the castor oil and heat it. Mix this oil with one cup of orange juice. Drink this juice daily morning. This will help to get rid off the pain.

2. Saute Exacum pedunculatum linn(Kanappoondu in tamil) leaves with neem oil and do bandage around the join. 

3. Saute Garlic leaves with Neem oil and do bandage around the join. 

4. Toast milky shrub (Erukkan in tamil) leaves on the flame and do bandage with this leaves on joints for sometime. You will get better result.

5. Take five parts of basil plant like root of the basil, leaves, stem, flowers and seeds and grind with equal amount of palm jaggery to make a thick paste. Apply this paste daily on joins and pain area. 

6. Mix 250 grams of ginger juice and 150 gram sesame oil/gingelly oil and apply this mix and massage for 5 minutes daily on the pain area.

7. Make a paste of guava leaves and apply on the joints. 

8. we can use henna leaves as well. Make a paste of henna leaves and apply on the joints. Note that it will make your skin red, but it is very good for health and keep your body cool.

9. Add 1 table spoon cardamom powder and 1/4 table spoon turmeric powder with 1 cup of milk and drink daily night before sleep. 

10. Take 3 grams of veldt grape(Pirandai in tamil) leavesCardiospermum halicacabum (Mudakatran in tamil) leaves, cumin seeds each and eat daily morning. This will usefully get rid of join pain.

Hope, this tips useful and you can save money.

Following tips can help you to relieve from back pain.

1. Drink tea daily twice made with five black peppers, 5 cloves and 1 g of dry ginger powder. This tea will help to reduce back pain/Spinal pain.

2. Apply betel leave juice mixed with the coconut oil and apply on the pain area. It will cure hip pain and back pain.

3. Saute Delonix elata(VadhaNarayani in Tamil) with little Castor oil and do dressing on the pain area. Pain will be gone away.

4. Take five garlic pods without skin and add with 50 ml sesame oil. Heat for 20 minutes. Apply and rub this oil on the pain area for 10 minutes. You can get instant relief from back pain.

5. Take little dry ginger powder mixed with two black peppers and enough butter. Eat this mix daily for a week. You will see a better result.

6. People who sit in chair and work and bike riders, drivers who have back pain should eat papaya, drumstick, orange, pomegranate, amla, pear, honey, carrot, apple, Mango, Jack fruit, coconut water frequently to get away from back pain.

Simple method for facial which we can do in home our self


Poppy seeds (amin seeds or Kasakasa) - 2 spoons
Curd - 1 spoon


Soak the poppy seeds in water for 20 mins, and then grind it well with curd to make a thick paste. 

Apply this paste to your face, neck and back of neck if you want. 
Massage gently for 5 mins. Leave it for another 15 mins and wash your face with warm water.

It works well. Feel your skin so soft and bright.

Stop stop!! don't get surprised!! Yes, we can make use of coffee powder to make scrub for face wash. Its really a very good home made easy easy scrub. We can make this scrub within a minute. 


coffee powder = half spoon

sugar - 3 pinches

coconut oil - 3/4 spoon or vitamin e capsule - 2 

Method to prepare:

1. Wash your face by little bit of gram flour mixed with milk.

2. Mix all the ingredients provided above together and prepare a scrub.

3. Apply the prepared scrub to your face and neck, massage gently for 5 minutes and leave it for 15 mins.

4. After 15 minutes wash your face with warm water.

5. your face would looks little bit oily. but you feel so soft.

6. If u don't like the oily look then apply some aloe Vera jell to your face and leave for 5 min then wash with cold water.

Do this weekly twice and maintain a bright and soft face.

Winter has started. We would start getting all kind of pain from head to toe.
What do you do next? We would go to Doctor and put pain Killer tablet. It will 
relieve pain for sometime and again we will get. 
In our house we make "all the pain relief balm."
It will work for Headache, muscle cramp, back pain, leg pain, joint painsprain. The smell 
will be fantastic.

Required ingredients:

Neem oil - 200 ml

Castor oil - 200 ml

Pongame oil - 200 ml

Mustard oil - 200 ml

Sesame oil - 200 ml

Eucalyptus oil - 200 ml 

Camphor - 100 gm

Indravalli juice(Mudakkathan keerai in tamil) - 300 ml

How to make:
Grind Indravalli leaves and make juice from it. Juice will be like little gel consistency. 

Mix all the oils listed above except Eucalyptus oil. 

Take a heavy bottom pan and heat Indravalli juice with little oil we mixed. Make sure 
to keep the flame in sim. Keep stir and heat until the bubbles of Indravalli juice set down.

Once bubbles set down, add rest of the oil and heat for sometime. Then switch off the flame 

and add Eucalyptus oil and Camphor and close with the lid for sometime.

Then store it in a bottle and use as a pain reliever. 

Winter started. Many of us would face the problem of dandruff. You might tried all the advertised products and no luck to get rid off dandruff. So, better follow our natural medicine.

Here I am going to share two types of medicine.

1. oil for dandruff 

Sesame oil-100 ml
Coconut oil-250 ml
Mustard oil -100 ml
Veet oil -25 ml
White pepper- 50 gm

Green tea powder or leaf-25 gm
black basil powder - 50 gm


Mix all ingredients and just warm for ten min in the gas stove, but don't allow to boil. keep it under the sunlight for 5 days. Store it in the glass container with muslin cloth and start using it daily. u can less the amount of ingredients as per your need, but don't change the ratio. regularly apply this oil and get good results.

2. pack for dandruff


Basil powder- 2 spoon
Phyla nodiflora Greene) powder- 2 spoon

Neem powder - 1 spoon
Tanner's cassia) leaf powder- 2 spoon

Pepper powder - 2 spoon
Coconut milk / curd for mixing all.


Mix all ingredients with first coconut milk or curd, apply for one hour on the hair. Wash your hair compulsorily with shikakai(Acacia concinna). Don't use shampoo for hair wash and use slight hot water.

You will see best results from above two tips. If you like this tips, feel free to share the link to your friends.

Whoever suffers from cold, cough and throat pain can drink Dry ginger, coffee mixed with palm sugar to get rid off immediately. Check out this recipe today.

Ingredients required:

Water - 1 cup
Dry ginger powder - 1 tsp
Palm sugar  - 1 tbsp

To make Dry ginger powder:

Dry ginger powder - 1/2 cup

Coriander seeds - 2 tbsp
Cumin seeds - 1 tsp
Black Pepper corn - 1 tsp
Palm sugar - 3 tbsp


Add all the ingredients provided under to make Dry ginger powder into a mixer jar and make it to powder. Then store it in a air tight box.

Heat water in a pan for few minutes. Once water hot, add 1 tsp of dry ginger powder we made along with enough palm sugar. Boil this for 5 minutes.

Then take this coffee and filter. Now hot Dry ginger coffee/Chukku coffee/Karuppatti coffee is ready!!!

When you buy the goat/Lamb meat, you would buy thigh meat frequently. Because the flesh is much more in these areas. However, the meat is a little bit harder than other area.

In general, Most movable muscles while walking is harder than normal. Instead, the chest and back part of muscles are soft and tender. It is better for digestion if you buy this.

Every part of the goat/sheep meat has some medicinal benefits for us. Many parts make the gastric problem for human body and can produce indigestion. Hence, it is necessary to cook meat always with cumin seeds and pepper ingredients.

You can identify good meat with the amount of blood stained on it while you buy. When the goat is healthy, the blood will completely drain and will not be stagnant on the meat. But if the goat has disease, stagnant blood will be on the meat. Same old female goat meat is better than male goat meat.

Goat Eye:
Eating eyes will make your eyes stronger. Also, it will increase eye sight.

Goat Heart:
Increases boldness. Strengthen heart. It will make you mentally strong as well.

Goat Bowl (Boti)
The Bowl have the power to heal the ulcer and the gastrointestinal tract wounds.

Goat Brain:
Eyes get cool. Increase semen level. Keep mind fresh and will increase the memory power. Also, it helps to strengthen the brain.

Goat tongue: 
Cool the body and make skin glow.

Goat fat:
Make hip part stronger enough. It will cure any wounds. Perfect remedy for pox and hash diseases

Goat neck:
Neck part meat will be very soft and tasty. Suitable for children and older people to chew. Importantly, there is no fat from this meat.

Goat feet:
Strengthen bone. Make you bolder. It will give energy to our legs. It will be good for arthritis issues. 

Goat Head:Get rid off heart related diseases. Strengthen bowl system. Also, it cures skull diseases.

Goat lungs:
It will get rid off body heat and strengthen our lungs. 

Goat chest meat:
It will cure phlegm disease. Strengthen the chest. It will cure if any wounds on the chest area.

Nutrition available from Goat meat:
Moisture - 74.2%
Protein - 21.4%
Fat - 3.6%
Mineral - 1.1%

Hence, Meat also has some medicinal benefits.

Some of us have hair in unnecessary places. Some ways to get rid of it.

This is a big problem for all of us. Especially women do not like to have hair on the armslegs and on the face. Hair growing in unnecessary places causes us uncomfortable. It is causing to spend more time in parlors or in personal terms to remove those hairs. Here are some of the tips to avoid this effectively.

Moisture Turmeric powder and black clove powder with some water and apply wherever unnecessary hairs are grown. Wait for 30 minutes and then wash with warm water. You will get good results. Continue this process for three months to stop completely.

Not only that, this process make your skin looks smoother and shines. If you have a dry skin, you can apply the yogurt instead of the black cloves powder and with turmeric powder.

You can benefit from the sunflower oil as well. That meansapply sunflower oil on the face after shave and wash in a little warm water at least after 5 hours. If you continue doing this, you will get good results. It does not cause any side effects. Dirt from the face will be removed and at the same time preventing unwanted hair growth.

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