Peanuts increases Immunity - eat 30g daily

Groundnut, peanut

Groundnut belongs to the plant family Fabaceae. Groundnut is also known by various names such as Peanut, Mallattai, Kachan, goober, Pindar, monkey nut, etc. Groundnut is native to South America. Today groundnut is cultivated in various countries of the world.

Peanuts are cultivated mainly for their edible seeds. Unlike other legumes, groundnut is a plant that grows underground rather than above ground.

Nutrients contained in groundnuts

100 grams of groundnut is rich in the following nutrients.
Carbohydrate - 21 mg.
Fiber - 9 mg.
Soluble fat - 40 mg.
Protein - 25 mg.
Tryptophan - 0.24 g.
Tryonine - 0.85 kg
Isoleucine - 0.85 mg.
Leucine - 1.625 mg.
Lysine - 0.901 kg
Glutamic acid - 5 g
Glycine - 1.512 kg
Vitamin - B1, B2, B3, B1, B2, B3, B5, B6, C.
Calcium - 93.00 mg.
Copper - 11.44 mg.
Iron - 4.58 mg.
Magnesium - 168.00 mg.
Manganese - 1.934 mg.
Phosphorus - 376.00 mg.
Potassium - 705.00 mg.
Sodium - 18.00 mg.
Zinc - 3.27 mg.
Water content - 6.50 g.
Rich in such nutrients. It is also packed with folic acid nutrients.

Peanuts are high in protein, oil, and fiber. So peanuts are a treat for our body and for our taste buds of the tongue.

We generally think that the most expensive nuts, such as almonds, pistachios, and cashews, are high in nutrients. But cheaper and more readily available groundnuts contain more nutrients than all of these. Peanuts also have the power to build immunity. That is why it is called the 'cashew of the poor'.

The importance of groundnut

Groundnut is one of the key ingredients in the diet of South Indians. Groundnut is used in a wide variety of foods and recipes. But most people do not know its medicinal properties.

In the field where groundnut is cultivated in our country, there will not be so many rats till the fruiting season. However, if the fruit is started on the groundnut plant, you could have seen that the rats are overgrown. Thus increasing the nuisance of rats in the field. This is because of the "folic acid" in groundnuts, which are high in groundnuts, which helps in reproduction.

Peanuts are used in butter, desserts, roasted peanuts, snacks, soups, and salads as well, other than oil extraction.

Medicinal uses of groundnut

Strengthens the uterus
Groundnut is rich in nutrients like folic acid, phosphorus, calcium, potassium, zinc, iron, vitamins, and manganese. Women who regularly eat peanuts have a smooth functioning uterus and do not develop uterine tumors or cysts. Not only this, eating peanuts maximize your chances of fertility. It regulates the growth of female hormones. Thus, it also prevents them from getting breast cancer. Regular consumption of groundnuts by women can help prevent osteoporosis.

Preventing heart disease

Those who think they should not gain weight can continue to eat peanuts. Groundnut is rich in resveratrol. It protects the heart valves. It also prevents the occurrence of heart diseases.

Stimulating the brain
Groundnut is rich in the amino acid called ‘pariptophan’. It is used to produce the brain-stimulating biochemical serotonin. Serotonin stimulates the nerves in the brain. Relieves stress. Peanuts contain niacin, a vitamin that helps in brain development. It also helps greatly in memory. Regulates blood flow.

Reducing bad cholesterol

Peanuts contain chemicals such as resveratrol, phenolic acids, flavonoids, and phytosterols. It helps prevent the absorption of bad fats from our diet and helps maintain heart health.

Preventing the development of diabetes

Groundnut is rich in manganese. Manganese plays an important role in the conversion of fats. Groundnut makes sure that Calcium from the food we eat is also used to get to our body. Dissolve gallstones and eating 30 grams of groundnut daily will prevent gallstones. Preventing the development of diabetes.

Maintaining youth

It helps greatly in maintaining youth. Groundnut contains an antioxidant called polyphenols. It is used to prevent us from getting sick and to maintain youth.

Increasing immunity

Peanuts help prevent disease and help maintain youthfulness. It is believed that eating groundnuts increases body fat. But, that is not true. The zinc and copper in peanuts reduce the amount of bad fats in our body and increase the amount of good fats. The omega-3 nutrient in peanuts boosts our body's immune system.

Groundnut has innumerable benefits. Let’s eat peanuts in moderation and live healthier.

Business tricks companies do without public aware

Supermarket and Online Purchase

Nowadays many people do not even have time to sit and eat in urban areas. If we ask them, they will say in one word that they are busy. Many online marketing companies have sprung up to alleviate the burdensome homework of people who do not have time. Examples are all major supermarket companies. All of these companies are using people's timelessness as their investment.

Rice, pulses, vegetables, fruits, fish, meat, etc. are all ordered online and received on time. Well, this is a good thing. Are you asking something wrong with it?

It is questionable whether all the vegetables, fruits, and meat bought online or purchased at supermarkets are really quality.

Vegetables and fruits available in online markets are three times more harmful for our health than those available in normal markets. These vegetables and fruits are stored in godown before baking. Thus a chemical is sprayed to protect them from cockroaches and rats when stored in the godowns. It is to keep the vegetables shiny. Not only that but also glycerin, ascorbic acid, etc. are used to prevent spoilage of vegetables.

It is then stored in boxes and covers and delivered. Some people order chopped vegetables and fruits without even having time to cut them. Fruits like pomegranate and pineapple are ordered as peeled. If asked, they will say busy.

Chopped vegetables and peeled fruits cause high levels of nutrient loss. Also sold at a higher price.

Actually, people buy vegetables online for 80 rupees which the actual price is 50Rs, and fruits for 150 rupees which actual cost is 80Rs, and post a comment on social media that it is clean and hygienic food (mixed with poison actually). But, they bargain with the street vegetable stroller for just around 5Rs. Definitely, they pay the actual cost that is displayed online. They just look outside the appearance of vegetables, not the healthy ones.

If this is the situation with vegetables, then think about what all are the process followed for meat and fish sold online.

Meat and fish bought at the supermarket and online look very nice, clean and the meat is just as red as it is currently sliced and packed. Even though the meat is packed several days before, the red color of the meat does not change.

Behind this red color meat. there is the biggest business tactic involved that we don’t know.

Usually, before packing the meat for the supermarket and online market, the meat is always kept in carbon monoxide (smoke) for some time, to make it look fresh and with a reddish tinge.

Carbon monoxide is a highly toxic smoke emitted from a vehicle.

Usually, freshly chopped meat will change from red to brown after few hours, indicating that the meat is spoiled. To avoid this, the meat can be smoked with carbon monoxide and then packed. Along with Carbon Monoxide, the meat is packed with artificially prepared propyl halide gas to prevent the meat from spoiling. This is called modified atmosphere packaging.

This meat is processed by carbon monoxide smoke and its red color does not fade for up to a year. Despite the protests of many consumer organizations, the meat packaging company packs with carbon monoxide smoke. This is what people in the city buy and eat with pride today. Thus cancer is more likely to occur.

Many business tactics that are harmful to health like this are handled without the knowledge of the public. People should have aware of this. Avoid buying vegetables and meat as much as possible online and in supermarkets.


In all such painkillers or balm, the size is small on the inside. It looks outside like a big bottle, inside-bottle the shape look like U. Though it may seem like a small thing, it is a brilliant idea to increase the profitability of the company on a large scale.


No toothpaste will make your teeth too white. Will remove a little of the stains on top of it. Tea drinkers for 10 to 15 years will only be completely healed if they go to the doctor and clean up. Toothpaste like this will only increase your tooth decay. 

Reducing quantity:

Many companies accept to sell the product at the same price eventhough there is inflation, but instead reduce the weight. For example, 10.5 ounces 297.67 grams reduced to 10 ounces 283.5 grams. Difference 14. 1 g. Most people do not know this. "It's not very expensive," they said. This minimum weight will provide major profit to the companies. 

Some companies announcing the new product in a new format with reduced weight. It makes no difference what customers see outside.


Which brand would you buy if you were thinking of buying a new handset? 90% of us buy something below.


One plus


Real me

The connection between all of these? All of these are manufactured by the only Chinese company, BBK Electronics. All of the above are handsets made by BBK subsidiaries i.e. subsideries.

The name of this tactic is Multi-brand strategy. The quality and price of the goods will vary. Real me for low price. One plus for a higher price. We will buy something anyway. Not many people know that everything belongs to the same company.

If you think something else, comment below.

Medicinal properties of the Indian black berry (Jamun)

Indian black berry's fruit, leaf, bark, and the seed of the Jamun tree all have medicinal properties. This fruit also called Java plum, Black plumes, Jamun fruit.


Many people suffer from diabetes. The seeds of the novel fruit are the best medicine to control this. Its seeds should be dried in the shade and powdered. One gram of powder is enough to eat in the morning and evening. Gradually diabetes will be controlled.


The Indian blackberry also has the property of controlling the excessive bleeding that occurs during menstruation in women. For this, take the bark of a mature blackberry tree that is 10 cm long and 5 cm wide. Crush the bark well and put it in 1/2 liter of water and bring to a boil. The water should be boiled till it reduced to a tumbler, then filter and drink the water. Drinking twice a day for 10 days can help control excessive menstrual bleeding in women.

Urinary Irritation:

Some people get irritated when urinating. Still, others suffer from urinary incontinence. Such people should take 3 teaspoons of the juice extracted from the blackberry fruit. With that, mix a teaspoon of sugar and drink. It is enough to drink twice a day for 2 days. Urinary irritation will subside. Urinary problems will be resolved.


Take the juice of young crushed leaves of the blackberry tree and drink a tablespoon. Diarrhea can be controlled by drinking in the morning and evening for 3 consecutive days.

Sore throat:

Collect the bark of a mature Jamun tree that is 10 cm long and 5 cm wide. Put it in 1/2 liter of water and bring to a boil. After reducing into a 1/4 liter of boiling water, the mouth should be gargled with tolerable heat. Doing this for one or two consecutive days will cure sore throat.

Other uses:

* Blackberry fruit has diuretic and appetite stimulant properties. It also cleanses the tongue and gums.

* If you regularly eat blackberry fruits, the muscles of the intestines, stomach, and heart will be strong.

* This fruit juice also has the property of controlling diabetes.

* The bark of the blackberry tree has the power to strengthen nerves and cure bronchitis, tuberculosis, intestinal ulcers, and diarrhea.

* The blackberry also plays an important role in purifying the blood.